Raccoonbox does pre-production, production and post-production for

  • Films, 
  • TV/online shows, 
  • Documentaries and 
  • Commercials.

🍿 Review our Film Portfolio.

In addition to that we offer photography services, like

  • Live Event photography, 
  • Portraits (humans and animals) and 
  • Photojournalism.

πŸ’ƒπŸΌ Review our Photo Portfolio.

We also have years of experience in

  • Graphic design, 
  • Web design and 
  • Illustration

🎨 Review our Art Portfolio.

This is good news for you! Raccoonbox Production can manage your project from an idea to the moment your project is being published online, in a Cinema, Social Media or in a Magazine.

Feel free to get in touch with us 😊!

Film Portfolio

Our Film production consists of Drama, Documentary and Commercial productions. We will work hard to make your idea look good in a video.

This page has selected best work for you to watch. If you are looking for our full portfolio please find it on Raccoonbox Production YouTube channel. Remember to subscribe!

Drama productions

Both of our projects previewed above are active in-production projects. 

Second date is about dating and how people think they know each.
Eric Hale is about a police lieutenant who investigates a mysterious order in a beautiful Nordic country that is ruled by a greedy corporation. 

Find more about these project on our Active Projects page (* sry that page is under construction, come back later ✌🏻).

Documentary productions

Interesting people inspire us making story driven documentaries. Our most viewed documentary about Dominatrix Keiju has reached over 40k views on YouTube.

We are working on a documentary about a skin. In the Skin Language doc we study what skin means for us and how does its color, form and deflects effect our personality. Find more about Skin Language on our Active Projects page (* sry that page is under construction, come back later ✌🏻).

Commercial productions

Recently, we created some horizontal commercials. This type of videos are powerful on Instagram and TikTok. They are short 30 second mini-stories that will set you into a good mood ☺️

Photo Portfolio

Photography is a special skill of capturing that short moment we normally don't see with our eyes.
Konstantin Nikkari
Live Event photography

These pictures are created by our photographer Alessandro Rampazzo.

Portraits of humans and animals

These pictures are created by our photographer Jaana Vuola.

Your eyes show the strength of your soul.
Paulo Coelho

These pictures are created by our photographer Alessandro Rampazzo.

Art Portfolio

In this portfolio, we show you how we give color to the story. You will find some of our best art work here. Raccoonbox can produce film posters, illustrations, design your business facade and create a website for you.

Illustration, Art and Moodboards
Graphic and facade design
Web design

Our art portfolio is by Konstantin Nikkari.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.
Edgar Degas

If you saw something you liked, please consider sending us a message by visiting the Contact page. Hope to hear from you soon! 😊

Raccoonbox Production

Raccoonbox Production

Raccoonbox Production is an entertainment company. We create stories and publish them as video, photos and text.