Logo design

I find logo design very hard today due the fact that there are millions of robots generating meaningless icons and graphic. So while it was important to ask for professional to make solid logo it is now even more important to do so. Logos you see here have been designed by Raccoonbox.

You logo must stand out of the generic logo polution!
Konstantin Nikkari

The work you will see here are all test and proven to be working logos which are easy to spot, read and see no matter what background they are on or how big or small they are.

Proventum logo test ground. We spotted one competition to be really close in design.
Proventum logo test ground. We spotted one competition to be really close in design.

Man who created finance company Proventum said to me "Proventum is fair wind. Please create something that has a positive meaning and is related to kite." And so I did. 

Good logo design is to test it in different environments. Like for example, how well will it be visible when you will sponsor your favourite ice hockey team and print your logo on their shoulders. Or, when you will be filthy rich and have your own vessel. Wouldn't you like to have your brand presented on a flag?

Small size is no excuse for a logo to be unreadable.

I remember wife of the Politech Hydraulics leader asked me "Why there is this small notch in our logo?" It is for showing the direction to which hydraulics flow, I remember answering her. Politech's logo is two circles and stands for hydraulic system flowing within itself.

Finally the last example of Raccoonbox logo design is a logo for a police uniform. It is a representation of absolute masculinity, the balanced triangle surrounded by "triple S" slogans.

In general logos are hard to design when you pursue a pro logo. But when they are done they hold for centuries! Please do feel free to contact Raccoonbox for a logo design.