Restaurant Trappi

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Restaurant Trappi is located in Naantali Finland. You might know this small town for two reasons. One, the Moominworld is located in Naantali. And two, Finnish president is having his summer residence, Kultaranta, in Naantali. Now, the third reason—of course—to know Naantali is this Restaurant Trappi! It has history all the way back to 1472 when the old restaurant real estate was donated to, at that time active monastery. 

New leaders of Restaurant Trappi. Elsa and Ekrem Kalludra.

So you can imagine that over the ages, the property has been administered by a number of monks, pirates*, and restaurateurs. 2023 the ownership of Restaurant Trappi was changed again, and it now belongs to the Kalludra family. Ekrem Kalludra has been the restaurant's head chef for over ten years, and when he was notified about the potential of purchasing, his decision was easy. Easy that, but changing the company's ownership is not. Among other troubles, the new owners struggled with the Restaurant Trappi's websites. In this situation, Raccoonbox was able to assist the new owners.

* Fierce Baron Otto Fleming, also known as the Northern Hercules, spent an eventful life as a pirate. He lived in the estate that today is Restaurant Trappi. Otto's memorial stone is located in a local cemetery.

Wordpress is not that good...

WordPress is a popular content management system. And, I think it's too popular. While it is advertised as a user-friendly interface that is simple for non-professionals to use, I have never seen a client who did not struggle with WordPress. Regardless of how well documented or consulted he or she is.

Konstantin [Nikkari from Raccoonbox] has helped us with our website at a vital time, just before the extremely busy summer season. Now that the site is in a good condition, we can proudly present it to consumers. Also, thank you for the TableAgent reservation system. It has been highly useful!
Elsa Kalludra, Restaurant Trappi

Restaurant Trappi experienced issues with WordPress. The site's so-called "easy" page builder plugin was out of date and difficult to use. It was difficult even for me! And, trust me, I have build dozens of WordPress sites! Imagine you've never used WordPress before, and find yourself in front of one hundred buttons, none of which provide comprehensible feedback on how to alter, say, feature or banner pictures. Usually, I like not to recommend WordPress to any of my clients. Only in cases when the sole objective is to serve as a blog, like I do at In my experience, modern web design systems, such as Publii, Jekyll, and Wix, offer speedier and more efficient alternatives to WordPress. They employ latest technologies and are genuinely user-friendly. WordPress is like sending an elephant on a deer hunt instead of a dachshund. The elephant does get the job done, but at a heavy price, slow speed and great damage to the forest.

TableAgent and a bird

TableAgent is a powerful reservation system for restaurateurs that includes real-time booking, customisable floor layouts, and customer management capabilities. It uses automated reminders to increase table turnover, improve client experiences, and reduce no-shows. Best of all, it is a free platform, making it an affordable option for any restaurant. Such system was installed on Restaurant Trappi's website. The installation is not difficult. Raccoonbox can implement TableAgent in your system in one to two days. That includes both consulting and teaching.

A person is using TableAgent reservation system of Restaurant Trappi website.

And the promised cute bird? Where is is?! — HERE! The little cutie photo bombed the moment when I was taking picture of ice cream for the new dessert menu (more about Raccoonbox graphic design). Ice cream hungry? Come to Restaurant Trappi!

Lets make delicious restaurant web design, shall we?